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"There is Little Difference Between Obstacle And Opportunity" - Victor Kiam

At this time of the year, we take the opportunity to plan and progress housekeeping matters before the next season of work is fully upon us. As the volume of lodgements by us with the ATO is at its lowest point in the yearly cycle we will instruct the ATO to switch details of the company under which the business operates. This is one of the final steps in leaving behind our old corporate shell. As part of the renewal we have been operating under a new ABN and with a new bank account. As with our Post Office box we have kept the old bank account open and we will be in touch if we notice you are still using the old details.

The other projects to embrace this year will be:

  • The conversion of our clients' CGT records from the longstanding CGT product we have used to the ShareSight product. The current owner of the software we have used has recently announced that he is looking to pass the business on to a new owner. As we wanted to move the CGT records into our current, more robust, computer platform the timing is good for the change. Clients with CGT records will start to see the newer look CGT reports in our packages.
  • For clients with one or more companies in their financial structure we have scanned and are filing the corporate records in soft copy form and maintaining the registers electronically. Electronic storage is current best practice in our industry, however we have also been retaining the historical paper-based record. Our project is to contact those clients with older company records in order that the we file and store solely in the soft copy/electronic registers and records. This year we will be in touch with these clients.

With your interests foremost in our minds,

Stirling Partners